8638 Balatonlelle, Kossuth L. u. 77.
Telefon/Fax: (+36) 85 554 277
Mobil: (+36) 20 921 7486, (+36) 20 333 9919
E-mail: hibiscusfaiskola@gmail.com

2024. május 29., Magdolna napja van.




Price lists

Hibiscus Nursery offers you a wide scale of plants and gardening products. Hibiscus Nursery reserves the right to change the prices under certain circumstances. Euro prices have been calculated at the rate of 390 HUF/EUR and are provided for information only. You are kindly asked to contact us to make sure that the plants of your choice are currently available. We also supply you plants that are not listed, please ask for details!

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